Spring Summer 2016 | Couture

Elie Saab

The biggest names of fashion launched their latest couture collection in Paris.

It’s the most magical runway show and there was surprises…and disappointments.

Here are my favorites.


Os maiores nomes do mundo da moda lançaram a sua ultima colecção de alta costura, em Paris.

Um desfile de alta costura é sempre um momento mágico e este não foi excepção. No entanto houve algumas desilusões.

Aqui ficam os meus favoritos.


I loved everthing in here! The colors, the cut the hair accessories…everything! Congrats Zuhair!


It’s all about long and flowing dresses, pastel colors and summer breeze. Unfortunately no one of this dresses will be on my wardrobe.



This dress is the meaning of perfection! It’s just taking by breath! It’s simple, sophisticated and remind us the 20’s years. It’s just perfect!


This guy never disappointments me! He knows how to make a women fell like a princess!


That’s why I love Elie Saab! Everything it’s magnificent! Anyone ever imagined it would be possibel to join couture  with boots? Anyone?! I don’t think so! But this guy did. And they perfectly matched! And those dresses? They are inspired on 20’s years and they are just perfect! This was my favorite stylist on this couture edition.


Karl Lagarfield created his own perfect eco system transforming the Grand Palais into a energy efficient zone. It was a celebration of nature and the focus was on the Chanel suit, like always. However the looks i liked most wasn’t the suits. I’m in love with Kendall Jenner’s dress. It’s so simple but fancy at the same time. And that jacket….All the jackets should be like that jacket: elegant at least!


This girl knows how to do a fabulous gown, period! She always surprises me with her vision of a glamorous night gown should be. She is amazing and so what she create.



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