Blue Vibes

Hi gorgeous, I hope you’re having a great week! Blue is one of the colors I don’t wear usually, but sometimes it’s the only color that can express how I feel. 

Trench Coat

Hi loves! When we think we got rid of he rain it comes back. I’m not feeling the Spring spirit…yet! Thinking positively, it’s a good opportunity to wear a trench coat. Like this one from MANGO. It’s not available anymore but you can buy similar one here.

Yes To The Dress

Hi gorgeous! Today I’ll share with you one of my favorites dresses. It’s simple, fluid and comfortable. I bought it on MISSGUIDED and it’s the kind of dress every boho style lover has to have.

Spring Rhymes With Yellow

Hi loves! Do you remember when I said I want do wear less black clothes? Well I think I’m doing it! It’s easier during Spring because usually clothes are more colorful but anyway…I’m doing it! :p

First Beach Walk

Last Sunday was the first Shiva’s beach walk. I think we can say she loved it except for the waves. She has a little scare about the waves, but maybe just because it was her first time.

Winter Boho

Hi gorgeous! I hope you’re having a great weekend! I love the bohemian urban style. It’s easier to wear it on Summer with the fluid dresses, hats and a lot of accessories. But we can wear it on Winter too! Watch me! :p

Spring Days

Do you know those days when it’s cold in the morning, hot during the day and colder on the night? We are having some of those days lately and here is my tip: spring clothes with a warm coat! SHΟP T-shirt H&M Cardigan MANGO Fur Coat BERSHKA Shorts BERSHKA Necklace PARFOIS Boots ALDO Sunglasses PRADA…

DIY: Chanel

I’m decorating my new home and I like to be creative and original. So I decided to share with you my home decoration, on a new cathegorie: My Sweet Home. I love the Chance Eau Trende perfume by Chanel and I fell in love with the bottle so I was keeping it. One day I looked at the…