Blue Vibes


Up ahead a new weekend and I just can’t stop thinking about the last one.

Last year was our first time on Serra da Arrábida. They have the coolest beaches ever. Sounds like paradise. One of our favorite beach is Praia dos Coelhos. Well, we don’t really stayed there, we turned left and we discovered little private beaches. This one was our private beach last weekend. Continue reading “Blue Vibes”

Let’s talk about Pets & Props

When you are a fashion addicted and also have two dogs you are constantly looking for original leashes and dog collars.

I fell in love with Pets & Props brand. They have the coolest and sweetest dog collars. See all the patterns here.

I chose the original Burberry pattern for my little one with metallic closure and for the big one I chose a largest collar also with a Burberry pattern but the red one.

Look how cute and stylish my girls are! Continue reading “Let’s talk about Pets & Props”

Big Weekend

Last weekend was a big one. Monday was day off because of the 25th of April. And it was such a hot day that we decided to go to the beach with the girls.
I think it was too hot for a single person because I got sick. Anyway, first day (Saturday) we went to Praia do Meco, Setúbal. It’s one of the biggest europe beach.

I chose a boho look (not a surprise, I know) with a maxi shirt and lace shorts, and I couldn’t forget my big hat at home. It’s one of my favorite summer accessories. Continue reading “Big Weekend”

Happy Earth Day


I’m celebrating the Earth Day with a boho look. Boho style is the perfect way to feel conected with the magic of Mother Nature.

PS: I always wear synthetic fur Continue reading “Happy Earth Day”

Coachella 2016 | Weekend 1

Coachella 2016

All eyes and ears are on Coachella. Last weekend was the first weekend of this muscic festival and the boho inspiration was present in most of the looks. As always Coachella set the trends that will dominate festival fields this summer so stay tuned. Continue reading “Coachella 2016 | Weekend 1”

Starbucks smells like Spring


Yesterday I went to Starbucks and guess what? They have these Spring inspired lovely with flowers and birds. They are too gorgeous to resist. Continue reading “Starbucks smells like Spring”

Shoe Game


One of the changes I’ll do for this season it’s in the shoe department. Slowly I’ll begin to add new sandals and prints to my shoe game. One of the reasons is beacause you can instantly update your look wearing a gorgeous and funny pair of sandals. Continue reading “Shoe Game”

Not Showing The Legs


When you get tired of your pants but don’t want to show your legs,  maxi dresses are the perfect choice for you. They are some versatile ones because they look good with heels, sneakers and even a pair of ballerina flats. If you love the boho style as  much as I do, try to wear it with a lot of accessories and a big hat. You’ll kill it! Continue reading “Not Showing The Legs”