Knitwear Dress

When I saw this piece for the first time I was not shore if it was a dress or a knitwear. But I knew for sure I wanted it in my closet. I usually wear it as a dress but sometimes I add it a pair of white jeans and it works very well as a nude look.

It’s from the last ZARA season but I still wear it. I think when we feel comfortable with something, we have to wear it no matter what. And you’ll see a lot of those examples on my blog.
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Holiday Mood

Today we have another holiday. Holidays are never too much. Unleast to me and my girls.

And yes we love to go to the beach so we enjoyed another beach day this time at Lagide Beach, Baleal, Portugal.

It’s a quite beach with a lot surfers and cool people. It was a little windy but it was a sunny day. We both got a big scald.

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Misterious Woman

My mom says this shorts look like pajamas. What she doesn’t know is pajamas are trending!

So are this kind of laced  silk shorts. You have to have at least one of this kind of shorts in your wardrobe this Summer. Wear it with a basic t-shirt for a casual look or add it a blazer for a work outfit.

When I shot this look with Mariana I chose a boho style (as always, I know) with a off the shoulder top and a big hat for some mystery. I think it worked very well, all the pieces together. Maybe the next time I wear this shorts I’ll try the formal way and share it with you.

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New in: Blue H&M Kimono


It was love at the first time!

When I saw this cute kimono on the H&M website I just couldn’t say no! It’s one of my fave this spring. You can wear it with a little white t-shirt and shorts or a good pair of white ripped jeans. And if you are looking for a romantic look add it a big blue and white flower crown and you’ll be ready to break some hearts. Continue reading “New in: Blue H&M Kimono”