It’s OK

It’s ok to mix different styles like the cool Aloah Vans with a boho dress and a classic shoulder bag. And we can also add a vintage detail. In this inspiration I decided to add some home decor accessories like this SMEG toaster. By the way if you are a vintage girl you’ll love the Anni50 by SMEG. Continue reading “It’s OK”

The Whiter The Better

Probably you saw this MANGO dress already on my Instagram but I can’t help using it again and again. I love the way it moves when I walk, how I can “play” with it and especially because it’s the kind of chiffon dress that looks well in everybody. I advise you to buy a chiffon dress for this Summer and the whiter the better. Continue reading “The Whiter The Better”

New room, new vibes!

I’m writing to you from my new boho room.

Last weekend, severel changes happened in my room. Bohemian style inspires me in a lot of ways and decor is one of them. I was to do this a long time ago but we just found the perfect wood pieces last saturday on a dogs walk in the forest.

I always imagined my room with a lot of whites and wood pieces. I love the nature vibes that the boho style brings to our day-to-day. When we woke up this morning it was like we were in a hotel in the middle of nothing, with a big tulle “cloud” above us and good vibes around us. I almost forgot it was Monday!

I’m sharing with you my little piece of heaven.

Hope you like it and inspiring you. Continue reading “New room, new vibes!”