Waiting for our little brother

Sabem aqueles videos e histórias que vemos e lemos na internet sobre cães que pressentem que os donos vão ser pais e ficam super meiguinhos e atenciosos com eles?! Bem, não foi nada disso que aconteceu cá em casa.


Não ligo muito ao Carnaval. O único que me fascina e gostava ainda de poder viver essa experiência é o Carnaval de Veneza. Mas enquanto isso não acontece, vou-me entretendo a mascarar as minhas meninas todos os anos, só para a data não passar despercebida cá em casa.

Merry Christmas 

Hope you get the best present of all: the company of people you love, good cheer and a smile!

Holiday Mood

Today we have another holiday. Holidays are never too much. Unleast to me and my girls. And yes we love to go to the beach so we enjoyed another beach day this time at Lagide Beach, Baleal, Portugal. It’s a quite beach with a lot surfers and cool people. It was a little windy but…

Let’s talk about Pets & Props

When you are a fashion addicted and also have two dogs you are constantly looking for original leashes and dog collars. I fell in love with Pets & Props brand. They have the coolest and sweetest dog collars. See all the patterns here. I chose the original Burberry pattern for my little one with metallic closure and…

Kiss Day

About the Kiss Day, all I can tell you is that ended like this. ♥

Enjoying the Weekend

Today we went to the beach…again. It’s one of my favourites places do relax and have some fun before another work week.

First Beach Walk

Last Sunday was the first Shiva’s beach walk. I think we can say she loved it except for the waves. She has a little scare about the waves, but maybe just because it was her first time.

7 Months

Hi loves! I know she doesn’t look like a baby but she is! And it’s her 7 months birthday.


When we moved to the new house, we decided to do a family photo shoot. I often say that we have two families: the one where we were born and the one we have chosen. This is the family that I chose!

Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling!

Every Christmas is magical, but this year it was special. Besides being the first Shivas’s Christmas, it was our first Christmas as a family and there is no better gift than being able to spend the day with those we love the most! Yesterday I showed you what I wore on Christmas day, today I’ll share with you what my little…