Du jour #4

Quando me apetece usar calças do estilo palazzo mas a meteorologia não colabora (o caso de hoje que choveu o dia todo) opto por culottes. É a mesma coisa mas mais curtas. Fica a dica bem como o look de hoje. stiletto ALDO; calças ZARA; camisola MANGO, casaco ZARA, colar CALVIN KLEIN

Enjoying the Weekend

Today we went to the beach…again. It’s one of my favourites places do relax and have some fun before another work week.

Blue Vibes

Hi gorgeous, I hope you’re having a great week! Blue is one of the colors I don’t wear usually, but sometimes it’s the only color that can express how I feel. 

Spring Rhymes With Yellow

Hi loves! Do you remember when I said I want do wear less black clothes? Well I think I’m doing it! It’s easier during Spring because usually clothes are more colorful but anyway…I’m doing it! :p

Cold Days Are Coming

Some fashion experts says that UGG should be wore at home like slippers. They also say that fashion lovers shouldn’t be seen with UGGs in the street. Well it’s an opinion like any other. Though in my opinion I think we should wear whatever we want. Period. And cold days are coming so maybe we want to wear…

No Heels

I love high heels, don’t be fooled by the title.

How do I look today?

Hi loves! Today it’s cold as hell! If it’s to be this cold, it should at least snow, right?