Off Shoulder

Os ombros ao léu vieram para ficar. E ainda bem, porque dá um toque sexy a qualquer look. Para além disso, esta tendência está presente em quase todas as peças da nova colecção: desde camisas, vestidos, macacões, tops… É tão versátil que podemos adaptar a qualquer estilo, só é preciso vontade em mostrar os ombros! Continue reading “Off Shoulder”

Misterious Woman

My mom says this shorts look like pajamas. What she doesn’t know is pajamas are trending!

So are this kind of laced  silk shorts. You have to have at least one of this kind of shorts in your wardrobe this Summer. Wear it with a basic t-shirt for a casual look or add it a blazer for a work outfit.

When I shot this look with Mariana I chose a boho style (as always, I know) with a off the shoulder top and a big hat for some mystery. I think it worked very well, all the pieces together. Maybe the next time I wear this shorts I’ll try the formal way and share it with you.

Continue reading “Misterious Woman”

New in: Blue H&M Kimono


It was love at the first time!

When I saw this cute kimono on the H&M website I just couldn’t say no! It’s one of my fave this spring. You can wear it with a little white t-shirt and shorts or a good pair of white ripped jeans. And if you are looking for a romantic look add it a big blue and white flower crown and you’ll be ready to break some hearts. Continue reading “New in: Blue H&M Kimono”

Happy Earth Day


I’m celebrating the Earth Day with a boho look. Boho style is the perfect way to feel conected with the magic of Mother Nature.

PS: I always wear synthetic fur Continue reading “Happy Earth Day”

Not Showing The Legs


When you get tired of your pants but don’t want to show your legs,  maxi dresses are the perfect choice for you. They are some versatile ones because they look good with heels, sneakers and even a pair of ballerina flats. If you love the boho style as  much as I do, try to wear it with a lot of accessories and a big hat. You’ll kill it! Continue reading “Not Showing The Legs”

Trench Coat


Hi loves! When we think we got rid of he rain it comes back. I’m not feeling the Spring spirit…yet! Thinking positively, it’s a good opportunity to wear a trench coat. Like this one from MANGO. It’s not available anymore but you can buy similar one here. Continue reading “Trench Coat”

Yes To The Dress


Hi gorgeous! Today I’ll share with you one of my favorites dresses. It’s simple, fluid and comfortable. I bought it on MISSGUIDED and it’s the kind of dress every boho style lover has to have. Continue reading “Yes To The Dress”

Spring Rhymes With Yellow


Hi loves! Do you remember when I said I want do wear less black clothes? Well I think I’m doing it! It’s easier during Spring because usually clothes are more colorful but anyway…I’m doing it! :p Continue reading “Spring Rhymes With Yellow”